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Tim Taylor

Hi Folks!

My name is Tim Taylor and I have been working with IT for many years.  Whilst I grew up using MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 3 all the way through to Windows 8.1, I feel that now is the right time to try a different Operating System, especially since support & updates for Windows XP have already been ended by Microsoft in April 2014.  The reason i have lauched this website is because I feel so strongly about other alternatives to Microsoft Windows Operating System, for example Apple Macintosh and in particular, Linux Ubuntu.  Not many people realise, but there are many flavours of the Linux Operating System Distribution, ‘Distros’.  And right now as I type, I am in fact using Ubuntu 13.10 64-Bit Version and I really like it.  So why not give it a go?

Best of luck,

Tim Taylor

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