Had enough of Windows ?


Tired of Windows Operating System?  Fed up of getting Viruses & Malware or has Windows 8 just confused you?

What is wrong with Windows?

Let me point out what’s wrong with Windows: it looks nice, but once the beauty wears out,you’re left with a painfully sluggish and unstable Operating System, heaps of broken dependencies and registry entries, errors and freezes that occur almost randomly, terrible security, and that dreaded blue screen of death. Linux, on the other hand, can run continuously for several years without ever needing a reboot, is super customizable, and is virtually immune to malware.

Well, there is a solution and its FREE !…..Linux Ubuntu operating system .

Why is Ubuntu Free?

It’s open source.  Everybody’s doing it – from IBM to Google, Firefox to Wikipedia – some of today’s best software is based on open-source technologies. Shared code, shared efforts, shared principles. No cost.

What are the advantages of using Ubuntu Operating System?

1. Like other open source software, it is free to download, install & distribute.

2. You don’t need to worry about Viruses.  Although technically Linux based systems can be infected, this doesn’t generally happen mainly because Linux Ubuntu is so secure, more secure than Windows in fact.

3. It runs very well on older hardware.  If you have an old machine that has an older version of Windows installed, for example Windows XP, and this machine is running slow, installing Ubuntu can bring your machine back to life again.  Unlike Windows 7 & Windows 8 that require mid to high specification machines, Ubuntu can run very well on slower machines.  Ubuntu Operating System does not use as many resources as Windows Operating System.



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One thought on “Had enough of Windows ?

  1. Linux is definitely worth checking out, especially in light of the fact that microsoft is going to stop doing security updates for XP next month. Thanks for the information!

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