My Ubuntu Migration Experience

When I first had the idea of creating this website, my aim was to share my migration process and experience moving from Microsoft Windows over to a Linux based OS such as Ubuntu. We live in an very completive technological world where I think there is a lot of ‘brain washing’ goes on, when someone intends to purchase a computer, Microsoft Windows is always the customers first thought, and not anything else. As a general rule, most people think ‘I MUST have Windows’, but why? What about other solutions, cheaper or even FREE solutions?

Current Machine config:

Windows version:- Windows 8 Pro x64

PC Specialist Cosmos 2 Laptop

CPU:- Intel Core i7
GPU:- Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M
HDD:- 1 x 500GB Hybrid Hard Drive

My system is fairly high spec, but as i know Ubuntu does not require such a high spec machine, Ubuntu should run fast.
The migration process:-

Preperation – downloaded Ubuntu 13.10 (64-bit version) ISO Image and burned to DVD.

Followed the installation process which was very easy, and Ubuntu was installed in no time.  The first thing i noticed is just how fast and responsive Ubuntu is compared to Windows.  Everything i do in Ubuntu is pretty much instant, and really, that is how an operating system should perform.


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